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Building Air Permeability Testing (APT)

We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with a fast, reliable and quality service.  This includes being able to arrange for evening or weekend appointments, visually checking the dwelling and sealing up according to Part L1 and providing confirmation of all test results before leaving site.  In the case of a dwelling not achieving the required air permeability rating we stay on site, identify the paths of leakage to a member of site staff for sealing up and once completed, re-test the dwelling.   

This is all included in our quoted price for the visit with no hidden additional costs for remaining on site and re-testing. If you are comparing our prices, please check that you are comparing a like for like service.  

For a competitive quote or to discuss the requirements of your development please contact us.  

Air permeability testing, also known as air pressure testing, air leakage testing and air tightness testing has been a requirement of Building Regulations Part L1 (Conservation of Fuel & Power) since 2006.  Updates of this document since then, places even more emphasis on a fabric first (passive) approach to the energy efficiency of the building.  

With this fabric first approach, it makes air pressure testing and achieving a good (low) rating a very cost effective element in the overall energy efficiency design of the dwelling, in order to comply with the Regulations.  

As required by the regulations we have ATTMA accreditation, all our testing equipment is UKAS calibrated and tests are conducted in accordance with ATTMA Technical Standards L1.  

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Free Same Day Re-Testing with No Hidden or Additional Costs