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Alsop Air & Infra-Red Services

Thermal Imaging

Infra-red thermal imaging (IRT), also known as thermography, is a completely safe and non-destructive technology which allows you to measure temperature levels and patterns over a surface area.  The images allow you to see where there is an abnormal increase or decrease in temperatures so faults and defects can be visualised.

Each type of application has its own requirements and to ensure our thermal imaging service is of the highest quality we have BINDT PCN Level 2 certification and follow best practice BS EN 13187:1999 guidance, which results in accurate data and reporting.  Follow the links for each IRT application for further details or contact us to discuss your project requirements.  

Condition Monitoring
Sediment build up in radiator visualised with thermal imaging

Electrical & Mechanical Condition Monitoring

Electrical condition monitoringCondition monitoring


Building Thermography

Flat roof water ingress thermal imaging Thermal image of building fabric heat loss

Building (Civils) Thermography

Condition Monitoring

Condensation & Over Heating

Mould growth start on cold surface areaSevere mould build up on bedroom ceiling