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Condensation & Over Heating

Condensation damage

The assessment process is completely non-invasive and the data collected by two types of data loggers provides valuable information which together with some general information from the occupants can then be analysed to determine the cause and therefore how to stop or control condensation forming or to prevent or minimise the over heating issue.  

To provide an in depth evaluation of the building we also use thermal imaging equipment to identify cold or hot spots which cannot be identified with just a visual inspection of the building.  

For an unbiased and independent assessment of your building please contact us to discuss how we can help.  

Whether you are a home owner, a landlord or a commercial business, buildings with condensation (mould) and over heating issues need to be investigated so the primary cause(s) can be identified and appropriate measures can be put in place.  The implications of ignoring these problems can result in unsightly mould which, over time can be damaging to the surface and structure of the building along with belongings, furniture and equipment in the vicinity and creates an uncomfortable environment to live or work in.  

The easiest and most accurate way of assessing both condensation and over heating is through recording the environmental conditions within the building over a period of time.  


Mould growth in poorly ventilated and cold cupboard