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Alsop Air & Infra-Red Services

Building issues and defects can go undetected or can be difficult to diagnose without invasive and disruptive testing.  

The benefits of infrared thermal imaging are the speed of assessment and its non-invasive therefore limiting disturbance within buildings and dwellings. So whether you are looking to reduce heat loss and save money and reduce the building carbon footprint,  or whether the building has a specific issue which needs investigating, thermal imaging is ideally placed for initial assessment to identify areas where repair or improvement works need to be undertaken.

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Thermal image of water leak on flat roof shown as lighter colours Building thermography heat loss

Our Civils IRT services includes:

Thermal image of air leakage and air movement behind the plasterboard

Above:  flat roof with water ingress.  Image was taken as temperature was falling and saturated insulation is shown as warmer (green/yellow) area.

Right:  this image was captured with the thermal camera whilst the blower was running so the paths of air leakage can be clearly seen.  

Building Thermography